Best bluetooth speakers for outdoors 2020

Best bluetooth speakers for outdoors
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Looking for best bluetooth speakers for outdoors here is our quick list to choose from this list has been prepared as per performance customer feedback and value for money criteria

Best bluetooth speakers for outdoor



1. Marshall Kilburn II

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2. Harman Kardon Go + Play

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3. JBL Flip 5

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4.Ultimate ear boom 2

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5. JBL Tuner

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1. Marshall Kilburn II

All-perfect options

Suitable for all types of music listening

A vintage design that feels like it doesn’t want to

Impressive battery life

Marshall is one of the UK’s leading audio equipment manufacturers in the world.

Their retro-looking products that deliver unique sound quality are a dream come true for audiophiles around the world.

The Kilburn II from Marshall is a boxy Bluetooth wireless speaker that features a fully rechargeable battery inside.

Design and build quality

At the first glance of the Marshall Kilburn II wireless Bluetooth speaker, you will feel at home with the design.

The same design that served our old style radio with a prominent front grille.

We can’t stress how it looks more beautiful and retro in person than the photos. This speaker is definitely the most valuable item in your home decoration for sure.

The leather fabric embedded inside the chassis looks fun and elegant. The removable leather handle adds to the overall design of the product.

What we liked about this design were the volume control buttons and the buses / treble. The ON / OFF button is a switch that works flawlessly.

Even the provided Aux-in cable has gold-plated connectors and folds.

The company polished the fine Technical details where most companies often choose to leave untouched if they are not broken.

Speaker and audio quality

After setting up a large 3-speaker speaker that creates a large 80mm subwoofer paired with two 20mm tweeters.

The woofer produces deep punchy and natural bass at the same time.

The tweeters produce clean and tasty heights and endless raised voices when the bass starts.

This wireless speaker unit sounds loud enough. It can be used in groups or during outdoor camping.

Be aware that this product is waterproof, be very careful not to let water get inside.

Really rich bass and brilliant movement make this device suitable for listening to any kind of music.

Battery life

Of course it is. Marshall Kilburn II can stay up to 20 hours on one charge. In our experiment, we found that this device lasted about 18 hours at 60% volume from the start.

The unique thing about this Bluetooth wireless speaker is that it uses a full-size charger to make a battery juice and not a traditional USB.

Which means, while you’re out, you can’t charge this beast with your power bank.

However, the battery life is so impressive that this lack of micro USB charging is not a breach of contract.

The decision

If you tend to have the best sound from a portable Bluetooth speaker with a price of less than Rs.20,000, Marshall Kilburn II is the way to go.

With its deep, punchy bass and glossy vocals with high pitched vocals, this cordless speaker is ready to listen to almost all types of music in full glory.

Positive points

Negative points

Excellent sound output

Heavy weight

Bluetooth v5.0

Technical details

Response frequency 62Hz – 20,000Hz

Water Resistance Water Resistance

Aux-in communication

Battery life 18-20 hours

Driving size 1 x 80mm, 2 x 20mm

2. Harman Kardon Go + Play

Choosing a runner

Suitable for use in large groups

Excellent punchy bass

Separate speaker amplifier

Harman Kardon is a world-renowned speaker and manufacturer of acoustic-related equipment that is owned by Samsung Electronics Ltd.

The Go + Play from Harman is a uniquely designed Bluetooth speaker that stands out from other speakers available in the market.

Design and build quality

Harman Kardon Go + Play has a rounded design with a metal handle on the top.

The front and back of this Bluetooth wireless speaker are covered with a strong fabric that looks and feels great.

When viewed from a different angle, this product has its share of resembling the aging boombox.

The level of construction you can talk about is very high. Being a premium speaker, the materials used in the construction are of the highest quality.

The front grill of this Bluetooth speaker is removed. With the grill removed, the green look of this speaker gives us an extra masculine look.

Speaker and audio quality

The Harman Kardon Go Play + comes with a 90mm woofer driver and two 20mm tweeters with the same suspension we saw earlier on Marshall Kilburn.

Pure mids and bright highs compensate for punch rich bass in the right proportions that provide a cool yet yet dull sound on this speaker.

This Bluetooth wireless speaker is so great that you would never want to listen to songs with this when you live in an apartment unless you want your neighbors knocking on your door.

At higher prices, there is no distortion of the sounds from the woofer or tweeters.

Harman provided a 25W amplifier for each speaker to squeeze even the richest acoustic storage.

Other features

Harman has put a lot of effort into building this product to perfection.

Even speaker-approved tones during launch and pairing tones seem to be an appropriate step in an advanced user understanding.

The metal handle that flows over the speaker’s belly, though sounding smooth, can add light to a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

If you want more audio (no way!), Harman allows you to pair its two speakers together to better differentiate local sound and immersed listening experience.

What we don’t like about this Bluetooth speaker is its weight. Harman Kardon Go + weighs about 3.43Kg.

While still comfortable, some users may not want to carry a heavy speaker around.

Battery life

Nothing in this world is perfect. So is the battery life of Harman Kardon Go + Play.

This Bluetooth wireless speaker took eight beautiful hours of continuous music playback in our tests.

Although eight hours of sound quality this animal has produced is enough, we feel that battery life is just as good as all the products competing with this list show two-digit battery life.

The decision

The definition of Bluetooth wireless speaker Harman Kardon Go + Play can be summed up in three words – direct, punchy and distortion sound.

If you don’t care about the heft, this device is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market right now that delivers excellent sound quality without compromising on build quality or battery life.

Positive points

Negative points

Good output sound

Battery not so good

Very good build quality

Bulky size

1 year warrenty

Technical details

Response frequency 50Hz – 20,000Hz

Water Resistance –

Microphone connection

Battery life Up to 8 hours

Driving size 1 x 90mm, 2 x 20mm

3. JBL Flip 5

Best of all Round Performer

Powerful, loud

12 hours of battery life

Excellent stage separation

The JBL Flip 5 is a new portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL priced well under Rs.10,000.

The Flip series is known for its build quality and powerful audio output and Flip 5 does not disappoint in that before.

Design and build quality

The JBL Flip 4 was a cylinder. To be fair, the type of cylinder that everyone loves. We are glad that Flip 5 has decided to keep the same form as it is.

The nylon fabric is as awesome as ever and feels very heavy. The control buttons are slightly raised at this point, providing a tactile response when pressed.

We feel like the JBL Flip 5 weighs more than the Flip 5. That’s our idea and yet, this beautiful Bluetooth speaker is a joy to go with.

Speaker and audio quality

We were impressed with how well Flip 4 sounded. Flip 5 sounds much better. The bass is very visible in this. You will feel the punch for sure.

The middle and height are clear and sound clean. We have not seen any form of distortion or high volume levels.

But we have heard a slight lack of clarity on the sound of certain instruments. He is not a violator of the agreement even though most of us do not see the difference.

Water Resistance

The JBL Flip 5 comes with standard splash and spill resistance. During this time the company added an IPX7 certificate to the group.

You can now soak this wireless speaker up to 1m of water for 30 minutes without damaging the product.

Note, this speaker is not floating. So go down somewhere else you can easily pick it up.

Other features

The JBL Connect feature received an upgrade to the Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker. You can now pair up to 100 speakers at a time. Yes, a hundred.

The only downside to this feature is that now the Connect + feature is not backwards.

In short, sweet words, you can only connect a + connected certified device to Flip 5 and not the other way around.

Signal reception is very good. We were able to pair this device and roam the office without a break in the signal.

Battery life

Don’t worry, the battery life is good with the JBL Flip 5. Our device lasted 15 hours for continuous music playback on one case. If you are listening in full volume, expect this to decrease significantly.

The decision

The full functionality from the JBL Flip 5 is amazing which makes it a portable Bluetooth speaker that costs less than Rs.10,000.

The sound quality combined with excellent battery life and build quality make this product one of the best in this budget.

Positive points

Negative points

Strong construction quality

Size big

IPX7  waterproof

JBL Signature Audio

Technical details

Response frequency 65Hz – 20000Hz

Water Resistance IPX7

Communication –

Battery life Up to 12 hours

Driver size 40 mm

4.Ultimate ears boom 2

Best Quality Construction

It produces a maximum of 360 degrees

Up to 15 hours of battery life

Waterproof construction for IPX7

UE Boom 2 LE is a premium Bluetooth speaker that offers 360-degree audio output, suitable for groups and outdoor use.

UE Boom 2 LE which costs about Rs.10,000 competes with the popularity of JBL Flip portable Bluetooth speakers and has the same audio quality.

Design and build quality

UE Boom 2 is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers out there. Made of heavy plastic polycarbonate and synthetic materials, this device is virtually indestructible even with heavy use and carelessness.

The tower design of this Bluetooth speaker helps it to be positioned horizontally or horizontally according to your preference.

UE Boom 2 LE is waterproof IPX7. You can use this speaker outside the lake or at sea without fear that the water will damage the operation.

There is a D-ring on the lower part of this Bluetooth speaker for easy carrying. You can easily remove this D ring to display tripod input that would fit any standard tripods available in the market.

The UE Boom 2 has a 3.5mm Aux-in port for a cordless speaker connector installed under the fence to ensure water resistance.

Large volume control buttons adorn the front section of this Bluetooth speaker. These buttons are hard to press when new but you’ll get used to them after a while.

Speakers and audio quality

The UE Boom 2 LE features 2 x 45mm speaker speakers that sound great and clear – even at high volume without distortion at all.

The two drivers are supplemented by 45mm x 80mm bass radiators for rich, deep notes.

The bass on this speaker is incredibly fun and powerful without the sounds or high notes of movement.

Communication Features

UE Boom 2 LE usually comes with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. This wireless speaker can be paired with two source devices simultaneously.

With NFC-enabled devices, you can pair the speaker with just a tap. Additionally, there is an AUX-in hole for the cable connection as well.

Battery life

UE Boom 2 LE is limited to 15 hours for a single charge. This number is highly dependent and can vary depending on volume level, operating temperature etc.

The battery inside this speaker takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge from zero to 100.

Positive points

Negative points

Strong construction quality

Bulky a bit

Loud output

Technical details

Frequency Response 108 – 20000 Hz

Water Resistance IPX7

NFC connection, Aux-in, Microphone

Battery life Up to 15 hours

Driver size 2 x 45 mm

5. JBL Tuner

The most advanced Bluetooth speaker

Suitable for indoor /outdoor use

Tablet design

Decent sound quality

The JBL Tuner is a small Bluetooth tablet speaker that comes with many nice features under the hood, including full FM / DAB tuner.

With a combined size and a host of useful features, the JBL Tuner will definitely pay attention.

Design and build quality

As mentioned earlier, the JBL Tuner is a Bluetooth desktop speaker.

The rounded design is very attractive to look at, due to the silver color.

The speaker grill mesh covers the entire front side with the JBL logo.

There is a small LED display on the front that shows important Technical details such as battery durability, FM station and song name.

The buttons are very touching and provide a good click-through response. The retractable telescopic antenna can be rolled up and stored when not in use.

Speaker and audio quality

The JBL Tuner comes with a 5W 40mm driver speaker that delivers decent sound.

The bass from this speaker is on the lower side compared to other products from JBL, but not so much that it can be a coupon.

The height and space mids are clean and are also felt at high prices without distortion.

In-house speaker, JBL Tuner ticks all the right boxes easily.

Communication Features

The FM radio function works very well on this Bluetooth budget speaker. The reception level is very good as well as the output output.

The LCD provides a lot of information in a nutshell – Technical details by channel name, scanned frequency etc.

That’s where this product shines. Basic wireless connectivity is done via Bluetooth v4.1.

The connection distance is about 10m and it works perfectly for that distance.

There is space for the SD card in this speaker where you can independently listen to songs without pairing with your smartphone.

3.5 input allows you to connect this device with others such as TVs without the Bluetooth capability.

Battery life

This device is powered by a rechargeable battery of 2000mAh Li-ion.

JBL Tuner has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours with full charge.

This device takes up to 3 hours to fully charge from nothing

The JBL Tuner can also be powered directly from the main by a 1.5 / 1A power adapter.

The decision

Originally from JBL, this device has a solid build quality combined with satisfactory audio output at the price it operates in the market.

Additional features such as FM Radio and SD card slot make this a compelling tool worth buying for less than Rs.5000.

Positive points

Negative points

Build quality

No handsfree phone microphone

FM radio

Beautiful design

Technical details

Response frequency 85 – 20000 Hz

Water Resistance –

Communication –

Battery life Up to 8 hours

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