How to edit a pdf file for free

How to edit a PDF file

The question arises how to edit a pdf file for free or how to edit a pdf document the developer of PDF, as these files are not easy to edit the Portable Document Format (PDF), to make it easier for people to distribute documents without having to print them.

Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out to be very user-friendly as there is problem to add/delete/modify anything and this sometimes become very frustrating for the user this for sure this was not the purpose to create it .

So the queries start to come like queries like how to edit a pdf file online, how to edit a pdf file for free online, how to edit a pdf without adobe, how to edit a pdf, how to edit a pdf file and so on start to come in Google.

However, it is still not as easy to make edits or edit a PDF document as most other text documents, because they weren’t really meant to be edited.

Most PDF files start from a source file in another native format like Word, and are converted to the PDF file format for distribution. If you are not the original author, it will be a bit more difficult to edit the file, either because the source file is not available to you or because you don’t have the right applications to edit it. .

We are going to show you three different ways to edit PDF files these are not only convenient but also easy to so without wasting much time let’s start.

How to edit a pdf file for free

Method   1

How to edit a pdf file in word

By using Microsoft word –People get surprise by listening it as these are two different file formats so how it can be but just follow the steps given below your work will be completed guaranteed .

Work well With Microsoft office/Microsoft word 2013 onwards versions.

Step-1 Start “Microsoft word “by right clicking and opening “new Microsoft word”.

Step-2 Now, go to File  as shown below –


Step-3– Go to Open-> Computer->Browse then choose a PDF file that you want to edit.


Step-4 When editing has been done, Go to File again as shown below-


Step-5 Select “save as” in File Type “Save as Type” select-> PDF

and your edited/converted PFD file is ready save it on your desired location now moving to 2nd method .

Method 2

How to edit a pdf file online free

How to edit a pdf file for free online or how to edit a pdf file online Now days internet is having solution for all such questions  there are various websites which can complete these kinds of things I am mentioning one of them you can choose others also ,So here are the steps :-

Step 1 open chrome browser

Step 2 Type PDFescape in Chrome and press enter

Step-3 Click on first link that appear  

Step-4 Either drag PDF Files or Choose File and click on “Upload”.