How to take screenshots on windows 10

How to take screenshots on windows 10
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How to take screenshots on windows 10

If you’re searching for how to take screenshots on Windows 10, here are some of the easiest ways to do it. Most of them are specific to Windows 10 but most of them will work for other windows like windows 7, 8 also

Method 1

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Using Windows + Prt Sc to Take Screenshots on Windows 10

This shortcut is in the Windows 10 Creators Update. The feature is located on the game bar mostly upper right corner of keyboard.

Step 1. Press the Windows + Alt + Prt Sc shortcut buttons.

Step 2. Go to My Computer Pictures/My pictures folder-> Screenshots folder in case image is not found there then go to  My Computer -> videos/My Videos folder->Capture Folder 

Step 3 Here you will get the Screenshot image in Screenshots folder/Capture Folder

Method 2

This method will also work for Screenshot on windows 7 and windows 10


Step 1 Just press prt sc button

Step 2 Right click and open New Bitmap image

Step 3 Right click on ‘Bitmap image’ and select open with Paint

Step 4 then paste (Ctrl+v)

You have your Screenshot

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How to take a screenshot on the Microsoft Surface tab and other Windows tablets

If you are using a tablet or any other device without a keyboard, the best alternative is to use the hardware buttons that your device has.

Step 1. On most portable devices such as tablets, tap the Windows logo on your start screen and at the same time press and hold the volume down button to take a full screen screenshot and the record.

Step 2. On Surface or Surface Pro tablets with Windows 10, there are device-specific shortcuts. With Fn + Spacebar you can save a screenshot of the current screen to the clipboard. Using Fn + Alt + Spacebar creates a screenshot of the active window and saves it to the clipboard.

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Method 3

Screenshots with “Snipping Tool”

Using the capture tool in Windows is one of the best ways to take a screenshot as it also allows for lightweight editing.

Step 1. From the Start menu, search for “Snipping tool” and press Enter to display it on the screen.

Step 2. Once it is running, use the mode button to choose the type of screenshot you want. There are a variety of options available.

Step 3. Freeform Snip allows you to highlight a rough outline around the object or area of interest you wish to capture.

Step 4. With Rectangular Snip, you can take a screenshot of rectangular shape by moving your cursor around the desired object or area.

Step 5. Window Snip allows you to capture standalone windows like dialog box, browser, video or music player.

Step 6. Full Screen Snip, like the normal print screen button on a computer, allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

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Method 4

Windows 10: screenshots using the shortcut “Windows + Shift + S”

Step 1. This shortcut only works on Windows 10 unlike some other shortcuts which also work on Windows 7 and 8.1. Simultaneously press Windows + Shift + S.


Step 2. The cursor will appear, allowing you to draw over the area of the screen to capture.

Step 3. After drawing, releasing the mouse cursor activates the capture and image will appear in notification in sniff and sketch save it on desired location

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windows 10 keyboard shortcut


Keyboard shortcut Function / operation


Windows key + CTRL + D ———————–Add virtual desktop


Windows key + CTRL + Right arrow ———Switch to virtual desktop on the right


Windows key + CTRL + Left arrow ———–Switch to virtual desktop on the left


Windows key + CTRL + F4 ——————– Close the current virtual desktop


Windows key + A ——————————-Open the action center on the right of the screen


Windows key + S ——————————–Open search and place the cursor in the input field


Windows key + tab —————————–Open task view (the task view then remains open)


Windows key + X ——————————-Open the Admin menu in the lower left corner of the screen


Windows key + Q ——————————-Open search using Cortana and voice command


Alt + TAB ——————————————- Minimize a task

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