Top 5 best streaming devices for tv

best streaming devices for tv
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which is best streaming devices for tv in India

which is best streaming devices for tv in India? which is best tv stick in India?answer to all such questions is  here, the list of top best streaming devices for tv in India which is based on over all performance .Here is the quick list :-





Fire stick 4k

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Apple TV 4k

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Fire stick HD

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Roku Streaming

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1.Fire TV Stick

So my favorite broadcasting program is not a Fire TV stick,this is one of the  best streaming devices in India that’s the basic level of basic, but there’s something called the Fire TV Stick 4K. Fire TV Stick 4K is Ultra HD, Dolby Vision and includes an Amazon alexa voice remote. Unlike the other Fire TV Stick, this is 4K HDR, slightly better for playback, and much faster with a 1.7 GHz processor, Bluetooth 5.0.

4K Ultra HD is also the most powerful 4K streaming stick they make. This allows for faster bandwidth and wifi support, and that 4K Ultra HD streaming with this same Alexa voice speaker brings you the truth about the quality of life image they claim.

An added benefit to Amazon, if you people are not yet a Prime video member, they have access to many free movies and TV shows built for your Prime membership. But what you guys may not know is that you can independently subscribe to your favorite channels through Amazon.

So before we get to my favorite games and then my top streaming sticks, at Prime Video, for example, you can subscribe independently to your favorite channels. You do not need to bypass your cable or satellite providers.

instead of overcharging 10,000 channels you don’t want to get the ten channels you need, do it all using the interface that you can turn on and off your system, depending on whether you use it or not.

But like a streaming stick you want to be able to access everything, and they all get into Netflix, and Prime Video, and so on and so forth. But you can extend that with a Micro SD memory card so if, for any reason, you download games you have the ability to do so. Cool bonus to Nvidia Shield.

It also gives access to Netflix, Prime Video, and all the other platforms I’ve mentioned. In addition to Google Assistant, and Alexa, so you can use it with other members of your house even if you don’t have a single play TV. So I love that. Now, let’s move from here to my next favorite streaming stick. As we discuss the highest conclusion, and then all the best, I have two things I want to show you.

2 . Apple TV

I think the best high-end platforms come to the question of the Apple TV compared to the Fire TV Cube, and then I’ll show you my final answer.

Apple TV 4K is a brilliant platform. It’s free from all those annoying shortcut buttons on your remote. Works in 4K. It has built-in Siri.

Apple TV while it is that white box that sits on top of your television and then shrinks over time. Now this isn’t a streaming stick, it’s a streaming box, but I think Apple charges a lot of money for it.

My recommendation on Apple TV, if you stream a lot of content, even a lot of video on your iPhone or iPad and do a lot of screen sharing or do a lot of presentation, 100% buy Apple TV 4K. It’s because of you. But if most of your content comes from other platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, and even Apple TV Plus, which is their streaming service, you can get it from Amazon.

I think that’s a lot of money. So that’s my take on that. If you were to go for what I consider to be one of the best, but not the best, most complete conclusions, I think the Fire TV Cube would be my choice. Cube TV Fire has a hands free Echo built into 4K streaming.

Now I know I said that all other streaming sticks have a remote Alexa voice, so when you speak and you can say it on Amazon Alexa service, open YouTube, and you will do just that. But you actually need to hold down the button to make it work. The Fire TV Cube is basically the same as having an Echo every time you can control your television. Let’s look at this. So this is actually a streaming box rather than a streaming rod but it goes into the back of your television via an HDMI port.

4K Ultra HD and fast. This also gives you extra support for all your program needs. Fire TV Cube gives you a way to control various devices with the cloud. Infrared and HDMI CEC, what does that mean? Yes, there is a lot of voice control where you can use the sound bar with this, you can use different platforms equipped with Dolby sound, and on top of that this is a smart television device controller that will take care of your lights.

You can control your thermostats, you can actually see what’s happening in your corner of the door or on the surveillance cameras by simply saying that and this Fire Cube that I thought was like the Echo and Fire TV Stick has a baby. You will do very well. This one has a hexa-core processor compared to the quad-core, so it’s much faster. It also has the last 16 gigs in it. This has double storage, Dolby is compatible with Dolby Atmos, and is a very good product. This will also have a strong call on your ethernet.

I can see that the Fire TV stick and Apple TV and other platforms allow you to pair bluetooth earbuds, but the fact that you get a wired connection that you can use if you want is much bigger.

Apple TV has an internal memory of 32GB. I also prefer the design of this, in person, compared to the Apple TV cube. That, however, in my opinion, is not the best thing.


3.Fire stick HD

The Ultra HD and it the most powerful streaming stick also known as fire tv stick. This does allow support for a faster level of bandwidth and wifi, and that Ultra HD streaming with that same alexa voice remote .this is one of the best streaming devices of tv for HD category.

8GB of internal memory,dolby audio ,1.3GHz of processor ,Bluetooth 4.1+LE,Secrren resolution up to 1080p,Alexa voice support other features almost all same as Fire Stick 4K given above

4.Roku streaming Stick

if you guys are unfamiliar with Roku, more than a decade ago when I cut the cord, Roku became the first for me, or at least the first widely circulated stick. Unlike Chromecast, its base level comes with a remote control. Now the remote control has one space.

It has channel shortcut buttons and this always annoys me on any smart TV or any manufacturer that decides they will push the buttons. What if you don’t look at Hulu? What if you don’t like Disney Plus or Sling or Netflix? You are bound to have these shortcuts that should be something you can edit yourself. The problem is, many of the ways in which these platforms make money are funded by various contracts and services which is why they are so visible.

Let’s take a quick look at Roku Express. When you put this inside, you get a fast HD stream. This, too, is a broadcast of high definition. Not only is this a good startup program, but if you have low bandwidth or slow wifi in your house you probably won’t enjoy most of the 4K system available.

The cost is too high for this device

5. Anycast

Anycast is one of the most popular sticks and the one I just don’t like. My biggest problem with the basic level of Chromecast as I start to decline the best streaming systems, Anycast has no remote control. So your ability to use this depends on you downloading the app, using it on a smart phone or tablet.

And there is a variety of all kinds of products but the basic level of Anycast and the basic level of streaming sticks is not my favorite pick. Now, if you guys are unfamiliar with how broadcast sticks work, I’ll pass you on to all of that, but this is Anycast.

You put this on the back of your TV in the available HDMI port and once all that is done and enabled you can watch your favorite shows from Netflix, Prime Video

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